Not an ‘off the shelf’ solution

With the introduction of YourShowroom, Winora did not receive a standard solution. The platform was adapted to existing wishes and requirements of the company. Both the name and the visual branding match the Winora tools already in use. Thus, the employees immediately found their way around and had a high acceptance for the new application.

“The transparency and speed in distributing information are praised by employees and customers alike, as they now receive their requested documents from the field in a timely and updated manner.”

Bernd Lesch
Export Manager @Winora
Winora Group
YourShowroom’s Benefits

YourShowroom operating worldwide.

As the leading company in the e-bikes sector, Winora is operating a worldwide distribution network. To keep an overview, YourShowroom offers the possibility to easily manage the respective sales organizations as their own divisions.

Central Sales Content Management

All international sales teams access a global information pool with up-to-date sales documents at the same time. Everyone involved worldwide is always on the same and most updated status.

Flexible Content Presentation

By supporting innovative and interactive presentation formats in YourShowroom, already existing content and microsites of Winora could be reused.


Changes in sales documents have an immediate impact on ongoing sales activities and enable a rapid response to changing market conditions, even at an international level.


The flexible organization of all country-specific documents enables a more efficient coordination between international sales channels.

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