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The return to the bicycle industry along with the entry into the e-mobility sector required not only the redevelopment of bicycle models but also the rebuilding of the Husqvarna Bicycles brand itself.

With YourShowroom, the sales department was given a powerful tool to present the new product data and the new brand identity in a coherent overall concept.

Husqvarna Bicycles
YourShowroom’s Benefits

Always ready for action.

The product range of Husqvarna Bicycles extends from city to trail e-bikes. With YourShowroom, the sales team always has the right information for every customer.

Customized Solutions

With YourShowroom, sales can access various presentation formats and individual tools. The platform has the necessary flexibility that an innovative company like Husqvarna Bicycles needs.

Efficient Sales Processes

The storage and sorting of digital content in the app is done automatically. This allows the sales reps to react flexibly and quickly to different customer requirements without much search effort.

Central Sales Content Management

The rapid growth of a brand brings many and often unpredictable changes. With YourShowroom, content can be updated and distributed in seconds.

Outstanding Product Experiences

Having the latest data in an understandable and engaging format at all times enables sales teams to deliver a unique buying experience to their customers.

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