50 years and still an original.

In order to present the effects, abillities and advantages of Akrinor® in a Germany-wide anniversary campaign, a special iPad app for ratiopharm’s sales team has been developed in cooperation with YourShowroom.

This allowed an impressive, interactive and innovative simulation of a surgery, which the sales representatives could use to familiarize the anesthesiologists with the unique effect of Akrinor® in terms of heart rate, cardiac output and blood pressure.

YourShowroom’s Benefits

Outstanding presentation of a life saver.

With the various possibilities of YourShowroom, ratiopharm’s sales reps are able to simulate the complex events during an operation. They can interactively address the different phases of anesthesia and present the effects of their unique product to doctors in a state-of-the-art manner.

Increased Consulting Quality

With the multiple presentation formats in YourShowroom, sales reps were able to explain a complex topic such as the effect of a medication in a clear and accessible way.

Flexible Content Distribution

YourShowroom’s granular distribution system ensured quick and easy deployment of the anniversary app to all sales reps.

Outstanding Product Experience

The digital simulation of a surgery allowed anesthesiologists to become more involved in the consultation process and address their personal experiences in the operating room.

Extensive Customization

Comprehensive features combined with high flexibility enabled the creation of a highly customized interactive product presentation.

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