How does YourShowroom improve the impact of your sales content?

Creating, organizing and efficiently delivering the most relevant content to your sales reps is crucial for their success. Find out how to get your sales content into the most efficient loop by using our flexible web based SCM ControlCenter and its interactive companion: the YourShowroom App.

Buying Experience Creation

Create more engaging BX.

In a digitized society, interested parties are already well informed before they even enter into a sales conversation. YourShowroom offers limitless possibilities to deliver interactive sales content in various formats and shapes to make sales touchpoints for your prospects more valuable again.
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Content Organisation

Master your content.

Up-to-date, available and relevant. This is what your content will be like with the central content management of YourShowroom. Create your own authorization concept to provide sales reps with only the content they really need.
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Delivering Content Experience

Empower sales performance.

Save favorite documents, combine slides from different presentations and present content in a branded environment - YourShowroom includes all to make sales interactions more customized and efficient. Apropos efficient: There is no need to switch platforms. Content can be spread right out of YourShowroom.

Content Analytics & Optimization

Know your customers.

Which file was opened by which person at which time? The answers to these questions will bring you one step closer to a buyer-centric sales organization. YourShowroom’s analytics help you understand where prospects are in their buying journey and what they need to move forward.
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Sales Training & Coaching

Keep the bar high.

Great content needs great communicators. Incorporate best practices from individuals into regular sales training to increase the level of success across your whole sales team. YourShowroom ensures that each training participant receives up-to-date documentation that is particularly relevant to them.
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