Efficient Sales Content Management

One place for all content. Everything in one place.

Say goodbye to storing content in various locations and different versions. Forget email distribution of content and updates. YourShowroom is here to do it all in one single source of truth.
Strategic Content Arrangement

Align content & team with your sales strategies.

Uploading sales content to a cloud doesn’t make the job. Sales content needs to be aligned according to your sales strategies, timings, and localization. YourShowroom lets you sort and organize all content centrally in the way it works best.
Granular Content Distribution

Peace of mind vs. “Where is the newest price list?”

Content distribution becomes your superpower. YourShowroom lets you easily distribute any content to individuals, groups, or the entire team. Grant users rights to access your content, or revoke those rights if market demand or regulations change.

Main benefits of
SCM with YourShowroom

Time saving
No more version checking, searching and resending of content. Everyone is connected, up-to-date, and fully focused on providing great buying experiences.
Better alignment
Content is arranged according to sales strategies, sales cycles and localization. And so is everybody who is using the content.
Efficiency boost
As your marketing team efficiently creates, distributes, and tracks content, your sales team benefits from contextual assets for any client.
Quick adaptation
The granular content distribution provides the ability to adapt quickly to changing markets, legal regulations or clients’ demand.

“Since we use YourShowroom no one asks me for the right brochure or price list. But everyone asks me for new content creation.”

Uwe Freitag
Essilor Germany

Start delivering Buying Experiences that inspire your clients & employees.