YourShowroom Analytics

Open up the black box and understand content usage.

Finally, you can see in real time how your content is being used, which content is generating the most revenue, and who your top performers are. Use these insights to optimize content and bring your entire sales team up to the same level as your top performers.
Analyze Content & Usage

Create content that is driving sales & revenues.

With YourShowroom analytics you will identify immediately if content is accepted, used or just neglected. Same happens to your team members. You can understand why they perform different and get sure that no one is left behind.

Main benefits of
Content Analytics

Efficiency monitoring
Content usage and impact is trackable. You can understand which content works better and which not.
Quick response
Content that isn’t working can be quickly adjusted to meet the needs of your sales reps and clients.
Equal performance
Increase the consulting quality of your entire sales team by identifying and sharing best practices.
Higher productivity
Save time and money by continuously improving and using only the content that drives sales.

Start delivering Buying Experiences that inspire your clients & employees.