Attention! Freshly sprayed!

Thanks to the ability to present interactive and multimedia-enriched content in YourShowroom, the superior performance of Engemycin® Spray can be demonstrated to customers anytime, anywhere.

In the interactive product presentation, field staff or even customers themselves can test and compare the spraying behavior of the products. The spray pattern follows every movement of the finger. Simple, impressive, and easy to understand.

MSD Animal Health - Engemycin Spray
YourShowroom’s Benefits

The right stage for your products.

Selling complex products, such as medicines, requires a lot of explanation. With the multiple presentation features in YourShowroom, MSD’s sales force is able to easily combine medical content with unbeatable sales arguments at the same time.

Outstanding Product Experience

Using touch gestures, and actually spraying on the iPad, empowered sales reps to create an outstanding customer experience never seen before in this sector.

Stronger Sales Revenue

The interactive buying experience allowed people to experience the properties of the Engemycin spray through touch and led to higher interest in the product and higher sales numbers.

Stronger Prospect Attention & Involvement

The combination of content in landscape and portrait mode allowed sales reps to customize the depth of information on the go.

Increased Customer Consulting Quality

Through the use of interactive, customized and didactically prepared content, a significant increase in the quality of advice has been achieved for the entire sales team.

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