All content sorted and ready for action.

All sales materials, studies and guides are managed centrally in YourShowroom. This enables LaVita to provide all employees with the latest documents at any time and any place - of course automatically sorted and ready for presentation.

Whether PDF document, PowerPoint presentation or HTML5 content with video and sound - target group relevant content is always ready for use. Even interactive forms can be filled out directly with the customer and signed on the tablet.

“We are very proud to be part of the unmatched success story of LaVita.”

Michael Krausko
CSO @YourShowroom
LaVita GmbH
YourShowroom’s Benefits

One place for all content. All content in one place.

LaVita’s target groups range from medical personnel, celebrities, athletes, and fitness trainers to health-conscious everyday consumers. With YourShowroom, LaVita’s sales team is prepared with winning arguments for any sales situation!

Centralized Sales
Content Management

The central management of all documents ensures that sales content is continuously up-to-date and relevant across departments.


The communication flows between marketing and sales have been significantly shortened. Feedback flows directly into the optimization and adaptation of content.

Outstanding Consulting Experiences

Using customized interactive presentations helps LaVita’s sales team better explain the benefits and effects of their product and tailor content to target audiences.

Digital Forms
& Signing

Interactive forms allow LaVita’s sales team to accelerate the ordering process during sales conversations. Deals are closed directly with a digital signature from the client.

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