July 20, 2022

Improving Sales Training Experiences with Gamification

How the use of gamification can improve sales training and a sales team’s engagement, motivation and success.

Using Gamification to create sales training experiences.

In our evolving and quickly changing world keeping your sales team up to date and well trained is very difficult. Shorter product life cycles, higher complexity of products and growing customer requirements increase the amount of information. Salespeople need to process this information in a shorter time and higher frequency than ever before. Now with pandemic or hopefully post-pandemic they will have to handle most of their sales activities virtually via web meetings thus learn and practice new skills remotely.

Superior sales training experiences lead to outstanding customer experiences.

To support and further empower sales teams, companies, and sales leaders, should focus on creating the best possible training experiences for their salespeople. They define the way how salespeople translate the knowledge and emotions connected to your products to your customers. Digital interactive rich content combined with gamification elements is one very exciting and successful way to create outstanding sales training experiences.

The benefits of gamification within sales training.

Using gamification elements in sales training such as achievement levels, awards, and leaderboards can create motivation, inspiration, and engagement in a friendly competitive atmosphere. Personal learning activities can be rewarded as well as team collaboration within special team games. Interactive dashboards and progress status give the user the control to pause and resume training when they want. Allowing a more natural flow of learning at everyone’s individual pace.

Sales training should be flexible, combinable, scalable, and trackable.

The challenge in creating the right sales training content for the right objective is to know what outcome you want to achieve. The skill level, qualities, and abilities of your salespeople differ a lot from each other. The timing they are open and focused to learn is as well very individual.

Luckily gamified digital sales training offers a sheer number of possibilities to handle these challenges. Training content can be packed in small interactive sessions that are easier to digest and quicker to repeat. Interactive quizzes help to learn and verify knowledge instantly. Visual animations and product simulations help to understand even very complex and technical topics. Subject-specific scenarios, videos, or simulated interactions can improve sales conversation skills. Combining these concepts allows you to create customized training for every objective and learning group.

In addition, all learning progress is trackable. Both for the user and for the company. On the user side salespeople can improve their skills, understand which topics need more attention and even get certification passing tests. On the company side, the quality of training content can be monitored and optimized in real time.

The advantage of having everything in one place.

Sales enablement or sales content platforms provide a single source of truth for all marketing and sales-related content. They are the starting point for sales conversations. From this central hub, content can be presented, discussed, and delivered to customers. So, it is only natural that sales training should also takes place right here, where all the content is at home. Most sales content management platform offers therefor training modules inside of their platform. Making it easier for salespeople to stick with one tool and additionally gives them the possibility to practice the tool itself.


Sales training experiences have the power to reinforce your sales team. Digital sales training combined with gamification, can improve the motivation, engagement and the quality of your sales team. The more they engage with the sales training experiences the more it can shape the customer experiences you want your salespeople to deliver to your customers.
With all the digital and interactive capabilities offered by today's technologies, companies can create customized sales training adapted to the needs and skills of each team member. Shaping their experience can pay off in higher retention rates, more satisfaction and motivation to inspire others.

Start delivering Buying Experiences that inspire your clients & employees.

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